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Totaly ass kickin' dork story...

My brother owns an Audi A4 with a manual transmission, he's always driven manual. A while back his Audi got hit in a parking lot. While he had his car in the shop for repairs he was given a loaner car- a Toyota Corola, which was an automatic. So he's sitting at a red light, waiting to turn left, and he puts the car in neutral so he doesn't have to hold the brake. He notices that the light turns green and completely forgets the fact that the car is an automatic. He revs up the engine, stomps on the emergency brake, and throws the car into park. Realising his stupidty he goes to put the car into drive and it kind of sputters then jumps out into the street. He drives away in shame.
hahahahaha! :D I love my dorky brother.
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